Video Game Jackets

With the increasing popularity of gaming platforms and high demand for video games, it’s no surprise why video game costumes and jackets are becoming an increasing trend today. And thanks for the latest innovation of technology as it’s just not making the gaming experience even more fun and realistic, but also the characters more inspiring. Today, many video game fans are eager to imitate the stylish appeal of their favorite characters; however, most of these outfits can only be worn for parties. So here at Leather Madness, we offer you a wide selection of video game jackets that you can wear not only for parties, but for everyday events.

Whether you want to become more charismatic like Jacob Frye’s in Assassin Creed with his elegantly-styled leather coat or a little mysterious like Batman with his dark biker jacket, then this place is for you. Browse around and you’ll find jackets worn by your favorite characters in games like Assassin Creed, Batman, Prototype, Mass Effect, Devil May Cry, and much more. We also constantly updating our collection so you’ll always find something new to add in your wardrobe. The best thing is that each piece is professionally stitched by our creators using only the best materials and masterfully designed to exactly match the features that were used in the games. Here at Leather Madness, we guarantee quality, style, and comfort.

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